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  Joey moved to the Okanagan 6 years ago from Alberta. Today, he considers the Okanagan his forever home. Joey, has been in construction for 8 years and has experience in many areas such as framing, forming, project management, equipment operating, iron work and more. Joey also loves meeting new people and building good relationships, while bringing your dream home to life.


    Joey Alvarez and Keaton Reid are co-owners of Okanagan Boys Construction. Together Joey and Keaton share a passion of creating that drives them to be the best at what they do and making “what they do” EVERYTHING.




  Keaton has been emersed in construction since he was a young child. His father, Rodney Reid the owner of Tommy Award winning Skill Tech Builders Inc, has helped mentor Keaton into becoming the builder he is today. Furthermore, Keaton’s hands on experience range from concrete through to finish, majority being carpentry and general contracting. Keaton loves bringing affordability to the customer and educating people on the whys.

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